Gypsy Chief Goliath - Interview With Al "The Yeti" Bones

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Devilz By Definition started as a three piece from where most bands come from: the garage. Seemingly with no direction and no future, the band uncertain of their fate in an industry populated by music that had been built in the studio by producers and songwriters, there was one thing that was certain to DBD: They were not among the ones in the loop. With heartache, disaster and the rebuilding of their souls, Devilz By Definition were clearly not writing songs of the mainstream nature. As lead vocalist and severely crazy frontman Newby had already suffered two heart attacks, and several stints in rehab, the band knew the direction they were headed towards was either one of two paths... Death, or a much celebrated passion for life, and a resurrection that would witness the band grow and begin to change into something very special. Hailing from the tough streets of Drouillard, Windsor Ontario, Devilz By Definition is a band first, gang second. Similar to the mindset of bands like Suicidal Tendencies, Biohazard and even N.W.A, --DBD is one of a kind, and make no mistake, these are bad dudes. Bruce "Pops" Munro is a leader in the band and a leader in life, being amongst the most humble people around, he is also the bands rhythm guitar player and one of the principle songwriters. The lead guitar duties is owned by the brother they refer to as an alien, Matt Dobbin, as he is not just the strangest character in the division, but also plays guitar to the speed of sound. The man is a true shredder, of old school proportions. Mark Abrametz on the bass and Shawn "KFLOW" Mailloux on the drums round out the bands members, and complete the circle that forms Devilz By Definition. These are elements that fall into place with some hard work, but the sound of this band was defined from the beginning, the sound was shaped by their everyday struggles and their separate lives coming together as one. The now fully formed, full strength 5 took the stage by storm with their first few shows getting noticed by some people within the scene, making connections with their now manager and confidant Al "The Yeti" Bones from (Gypsy Chief Goliath, Mister Bones, The Mighty NImbus, Georgian Skull).

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