Gypsy Chief Goliath - The Movie Part # 4

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Born from the ashes of their old bands, these musicians helped pave ways in the Canadian stoner rock scene. Now serious about making no bullshit music the members: AL the Yeti Bones (Georgian Skull, The Mighty Nimbus, Mister Bones), John (KEEF) Chris (Salem Saints), Dave (Blood Runs Cold) and Adam (Georgian Skull) have decided to form a pure rock and roll band that dances on the edge of their stoner rock roots as well. When Gypsy Chief Goliath officially became a band, the vibe was electric. This band is going to kick your ass. Now loaded with a harmonica player full time in Brodie Stevenson, the band is hot and in the pocket. They are tight with 70's laced grooves, integrated jazz rhythms, with blistering solos, and harmonies the likes which only Thin Lizzy could provide. After being a band officially for one year, the band has already performed with some of the biggest acts in their genre, ie...Cancer Bats, Blood Ceremony, Sons of Otis, Bison BC, Barnburner, Fiftywatthead, White Cowbell Oklahoma to name a few. GCG also has a debut album being recorded in the winter currently, alongside their long anticipated DVD documentary "Its A Walk in the Mist", the band seems to be carrying themselves in the way that depicts them exactly the way they really are. RAW and the real deal. This is a group that is made up of, perseverance, power, experience, most of all drive. This could seriously be your favorite band ever.

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